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Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month is a month-long observance focused on raising awareness about autism spectrum disorders, what it means to have autism, how to support people with autism, and the difficulties and discrimination that people with autism face. Observance of the month often involves educational events and ways to show support for people with autism and their families.

Every year, UTBS participates in Autism Acceptance Month company-wide to promote acceptance of the clients that we serve every day. This month, we will be lighting it up blue with multiple activities and days packed full of fun and educational activities to spread acceptance for people with autism.

Coaching Corner

Knowing the people you work with

UTBS strives to build a solid foundation that continues to uphold our mission through our

values. One of the pillars of our culture is coaching. While coaching, we strive to increase

professional and personal growth while meeting people where they are at. As professionals in

this field, we seek ways to become better, and we hope the coaching corner can give you fun

tips and tricks to implement in your professional or personal life to make you a better coach,

partner, professional, or student.


  1. When starting a conversation, let them start and listen while using compassion.
    • When we listen, we are able to get to know the individual and understand their interests, dislikes, and what they need to help further themselves.
  2. Most successful coaching conversations are when presented with successful options. Sometimes you may need to first vent, have a break, and then find a solution.
  3. Follow-up with specific questions.
    • Once you have had a few conversations with a person, make connections by asking specific questions: “How is your dog, Nala, doing after being sick?” – “How is your son, John, doing?”
  4. Use UTBS resources: Self-care plan, one-to-one meetings, DISC assessments

Value Nominations

We are committed to Excellence

Viridian Helleborne stays on top of their schedule days in advance to ensure they have their cluster covered and that they are doing what is expected of them. They ask for clarification and are diligent about keeping the clinicians updated.

Jordan Ray gives 100% to all of his lessons, and his cluster team members are always taken care of. He ensures everyone is participating and giving their 100%. Jordan sets a high standard for everyone around him and offers support so we can all meet it together.

Peter Nuigid has been amazing at staying neutral when behaviors occur while still providing the skills kiddos need to get back on track really well. He is excellent at running programs while also building rapport.

We are Resilient

Jacob Nielson is great at asking questions and implementing the BIPs beautifully. He is patient during behaviors and follow-through.

Allyson Cahill has a full plate! She is able to get all of her duties done and still offers kind words to those around her. Ally does not let things pull her under and finds that balance to give her all each and every day.

Eric O’Neal stepped up while part of the authorizations team was out of the office this month and balanced both roles with positivity and a willingness to help and learn. He always jumps in and is willing to investigate anything to support the revenue cycle and clinical teams.

We work as a Team

Here are Adrian and Clayton from Cedar City working as a team, putting a new bookshelf up in STARS — making sure they secure it to the wall, of course. These two deserve the teamwork award for not only jumping in to help Jana without hesitation but also making all of us laugh and enjoy work daily!

We Strengthen Families

Hadlee McElyea is incredible with the clients she works with. She has a vibrant energy that kids are drawn to, and she puts her all into every session. She is consistent and determined to help support the families she works with.

Saige Hayes went above and beyond to help advocate for and work with her client to get access to additional funding, allowing the client to stay in services! Way to strengthen families, Saige!

Janeth Chavez is a brand new employee. She has KILLED IT! She has provided excellent sessions with excellent data collection and target implementation.

Jessica Freeman goes above and beyond when trying to connect with the kids and the family members. She wants a cohesive family team and makes sure all needs are met to make that happen.

We Step Up & Step In

Makenzie Sip is tenacious, resilient, and works as a team! Makenzie Sip shows tenacity and resilience when she works so diligently to find any barriers and support her team to overcome them! She gets back up and keeps going even when things are hard and overwhelming, and her efforts are very much noticed and appreciated!

Makenzie makes sure everyone has their personal needs met so we are able to give our 100% as a team member. She cares about the humans she works with and doesn’t just show up to check a box and go home. Makenzie gives her all to everyone around her and makes it so we flow as a team as a whole. We would not be as successful as we are without her personal efforts given.

Clayton Johnson is tenacious, works as a team, and is dedicated to strengthening families! Clay has been great at stepping in and helping with ANYTHING this entire month while consistently maintaining a positive attitude.

Clayton works with a kiddo who requires a lot of energy and a lot of imagination to help him stay engaged and have successful treatment. Every time he is with his kiddo, he is showing his tenacity by being scrappy with the amiable resources to help make treatment fun, as well as being passionate about his job and helping our kiddos and their families. Every time you walk into the room, you will see Clay giving his 200% with whatever kiddo he is with or task he is completing! He will always jump in and help families when they have an SOS or just need help at home. Clay is an excellent example of what Strengthening Families and being Tenacious is all about.

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