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to treat your child's autism?


UTBS firmly believes that helping children with Autism requires a comprehensive approach that includes family involvement as an essential part of treatment. With Utah’s Largest Integrated Behavioral Health team, we know the best way to treat children with Autism, and gain/experience lasting success, is to develop strong families by giving them the training & support they need!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based, proven method, that is based on the principles for how learning takes place. The core of behavior analysis interventions is teaching! Using the principles and techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis, our team can teach the skills each child is missing, to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.

ABA therapy includes:

  • Assessment for determining skill level and program goals
  • Comprehensive programming tailored to each child
  • Individualized program with detailed progress data tracking
  • Clinic-based or in-home sessions provided by highly trained Behavioral Health Professionals using our specialized materials
  • One-to-One teaching and peer-group instruction can also include family members through our whole-home, whole-family
  • Family consultation to analyze problem behaviors, develop behavior interventions, and teach parenting skills

Who might benefit from ABA therapy:

  • Young children who have received a diagnosis of autism
  • Children who have received a diagnosis of another disability or mental health condition.
  • Children or youth displaying problem behavior at home or in school.
  • A child who is struggling with potty training
  • Children who need 1:1 support with learning new skills
  • A child struggling in school or with homework
  • An older child who has difficulty with friends
  • Teens who are defiant
  • Parents who want more skills or feel out of control
  • Families in crisis

Family Involvement, Family Success

  • Our whole-family program includes siblings, parents, peers, extended family, and others involved in the child’s life.
  • Technicians can teach the skill first during a one-on-one session, then allow the child to practice the new skill with siblings, parents, and neighborhood friends.
  • Wrap-around support is given to each family we serve, to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, and the entire family unit is strengthened while the child is improving their behavior.
  • Caregivers and siblings can receive counseling support while a child receives behavioral treatment.

The UTBS Approach to ABA therapy

  • Behavior Analysts assess a child’s current level and abilities and work with parents to develop goals.
  • An individual program is created based on the child’s strengths and skill deficits.
  • Programs are comprehensive, covering all domains of development including academics (colors, letters, reading, etc.), daily living skills, social skills (sharing, turn-taking, joining play, etc.), developmental skills (pretend play, how to play with toys), and a constant, strong emphasis on communication skills.
  • Skills are taught with the purpose of increasing the child’s overall functioning, independence, and ability to participate in the natural environments that matter in their life.
  • Interventionists work directly with the client to teach new skills so that problematic habits can be replaced by productive behaviors.
  • Our Interventionists arrive fully equipped with everything they need to conduct a therapy session and log data.
  • Sessions can be scheduled anywhere from once a week, to every day, depending on the child’s needs and the recommendations from our skilled Clinicians.
  • Center-based Day Treatment and Intensive Summer Programs are also available.

Services available near you

ABA works because it is applied- the teaching happens in the child’s natural environment, where they will be practicing and using their new skills.
  • Center-based sessions allow for better focus and concentration, faster mastery, and convenient integration with coordinated services.
  • Therapy is also delivered in other areas of the child’s life, such as community settings (parks, libraries, playgrounds, schools) to promote generalization.
  • With over 8 Clinical locations statewide from Northern Utah to Southern Utah and along the Wasatch Front.

Will Insurance cover ABA?

Thanks to the Utah Autism Insurance Mandate Expanded, Senate Bill 95 is Effective January 1, 2020, individuals of any age will be covered under state-regulated individual and large group plans. The new law removes previously existing age and hour caps for coverage of ASD. This will allow for more access to services for transition-aged youth and adults with autism here in Utah.

We accept most major private insurance plans but encourage you to check with your insurance provider for specific details. Our dedicated insurance specialists are experts in facilitating coverage for your needs. We also offer multiple payment plan options and some limited scholarship assistance.

Utah Behavior Services has been providing full-service, in-home ABA treatment programs longer than anyone else in Utah, so your team is ready to start your child’s program right away.