UTBS' Response to Recent Accusations

Utah Behavior Services (UTBS) mission has always been dedicated to creating successful children and developing strong families by providing high quality, evidence-based behavior health care services. Our focus is to help those with autism and their families. We make a daily promise to our clients that they will receive this highest quality care from us. We also make a similar promise to our employees and those who support our remarkable work.

That’s why the unfortunate media and social media attention that surfaced this week about internal past employee-related matters has been unsettling. We find it hurtful to read unfounded accusations that question our motivations to enforce employee contracts.

We make clear promises and commitments to our employees throughout their careers at UTBS. As part of this commitment, we cover the costs of education, continual training, certification and licensing. Contractual agreements, signed by employees, are essentially a promise we make to each other. In good faith, we promise to invest in our employees, and in return, we anticipate that they will provide high quality services to UTBS and our clients. UTBS would not be able to survive and continue to provide services to our clients for long if it invested time and money into each employee, only to lose that investment to competitors, thereby hurting our clients, fellow employees, and UTBS. Contracts and bonds like these make sense. That’s why courts tend to uphold them. In fact, one-year non-competition periods, such as those found in our employee agreements, are expressly enforceable under Utah statute.

In the appropriate forums, at the right time, and in a very strong and powerful way, we will respond to the recent vicious and personally motivated attacks. In the meantime, we will not allow issues that are playing out in the courts or in the public to distract us from our primary mission—to provide the highest level of services for the children and families who need our professionalism and our care.

Warm Regards,

Natalie Whatcott, LBA, BCBA, SSW
Founder, President & CEO