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Utah Behavior Services helps nurture change by strengthening people and families with our comprehensive therapy services.

Check out what some of our clients and professionals are saying about Utah Behavior Services!

Marie shares her story of how Utah Behavior Services helped her autistic son, and the entire family.

“Utah Behavior Services, namely Sarah and Natalie have done an amazing job of helping families and their children find success in difficult situations. I have seen them work with very challenging youth with great results that I did not believe were possible. The atmosphere that they create is also very warm and welcoming, which makes it easier for change to occur.”

Jennifer Morgan Smith, LMFT

“Parker first came to group a little apprehensively, to say the least. You could find him under a table outside of the group room, hiding from peers and staff during group time. When one tried talking to him, Parker would not even look at the person, and generally ignored them. Using behavioral/exposure therapy techniques, staff challenged and assisted Parker in slowly and systematically moving closer in proximity to a seat in the group room amongst Parker’s peers. Over time, Parker went from hiding under a table outside of the group room to sitting alone in the corner of the group room, not being willing to talk or participate. Then he went from sitting alone in the corner to participating in highly preferred activities occasionally.

Now you can find Parker sitting with his peers in group, and even volunteering to role play during lesson time. His social skills have flourished tremendously over the course of group treatment with Utah Behavior Services, and he continues to progress with time. He is able to interact with peers and has developed many age appropriate social skills.

These skills are being generalized to his school environment as well. His school team has seen huge changes with Parker socially since he began attending the social skills group with UTBS. They report significant changes in his play at recess and his ability to make and develop friendships with peers. He is also more assertive in the classroom and willingly participates. Before the change, Parker struggled to interact with anyone at recess and would seldom speak to anyone, per school team. Now Parker is like a different kid.”

Parker’s Mother

“Thank you Utah Behavior Services for acknowledging that we are not therapists, and looking at us as moms. When you approached me this way I started feeling the healing power and knowing that I’m OK as a mom! Unfortunately some professional makes some of us feel that if your child is not thriving, is delayed, and even have autism is because you were not a good mother. I had been there before and it’s a dark feeling compared how you make me feel! If I have to say one thing about Utah Behavior Services it is that they really understand special needs family! Thank you so much for everything, you part of our family and we love each one of you!”

Regina, Mother

“Sarah and Natalie are the most positive behavior specialists you will ever meet, it’s infectious. Their approach to our complex High Functioning Autistic child was completely different from other behaviorists, my son’s behavior improved beyond what I thought possible.”

Alisha G., Mother

“Utah Behavior Services Inc has been a valuable resource to our child development program. They help to build consistency of care between our program and home. The teachers in our classroom are able to watch the therapist interact with the children and learn from them. They are also willing to answer questions that arise when teachers have difficult situations to deal with. We have a partnership with Utah Behavior Services that assists us in recognizing and addressing children’s needs at an early age to help them become more successful in school. Sarah and her staff have provided informative training for our staff on multiple occasions and have been available to us by phone or email to answer questions as they arise. We appreciate the relationship that we have with Utah Behavioral Services and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Penny Schmutz, Hill AFB Child Development Center