Amanda Klein


Director – Therapist/Assistant Behavior Analyst – Riverdale Center

Amanda graduated with her Bachelors in Science from Weber State University, Masters in social work from Our Lady of the Lake University, and her BCaBA from Florida Institute of Technology. Amanda since then has spent her time supervising a crisis Nursery, facilitating parenting classes, step family education courses to youth and teens, providing mental health services to children and their families, and assisting children with autism and other behavior disorders to increase their quality of life. Amanda’s expertise includes play therapy, ABA behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and Parent-Child Interactive Therapy. Amanda has worked closely with anxiety, reactive attachment disorder, autism, rhets disorder, ADHD, grief and loss, and relationship challenges within the family. Currently Amanda is the Director of our Riverdale office and Amanda is here to assist children in finding their voice and their strength in coping with the many obstacles of life. Amanda is committed to offering evidence-based treatment for the well-being of her clients.