Medication Management

Medication management includes an individualized care plan that is cohesive with the intended goals of therapy.

Psychiatric medication management services are integrated with all other therapies and treatment goals to support a client’s progress and allow them to achieve their greatest success.

At UTBS, we recognize the importance of integrated medication management.

Our team can help you coordinate your medication with all other aspects of your treatment. 

Our Goal is to educate and improve each client understanding and agree to positive participation within the medication management program, thus optimizing their medication experience and clinical outcomes.

Our standard of care ensures each patient’s medications are individually assessed to determine:

  • that each medication is appropriate for the patient
  • that each medication is effective for the medical condition
  • that each medication is safe to take with other medications being taken
  • that each medication is able to be taken by the patient as intended

NOTE: Medications include any prescription, nonprescription, alternative, traditional, vitamins, or nutritional supplements.