Behavior Therapy (ABA)

Utah Behavior Services specializes in providing quality behavioral treatment for children, adolescents and adults.

The foundation of every service is teaching new skills in a highly individualized environment. Our clients gain new skills, change their behavior, and reach their full potential when intervention is tailored to their unique learning needs.

We have been providing comprehensive in-home behavioral intervention, based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, longer than anyone else in Utah and have the largest practice of Board Certified Analysts!

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy is a systematic method for teaching new skills, increasing positive behaviors, and decreasing undesired behaviors.

All our treatment methods are evidence-based, for greater success. ABA is the only proven method for the treatment of autism. ABA is supported by extensive research, whether it is applied to a child with autism or an adult refining their athletic skills.

ABA therapy includes:

  • Assessment for determining skill level and program goals
  • Individualized program with detailed progress data tracking
  • Clinic-based or in-home sessions provided by highly trained interventionists using our specialized materials
  • Family consultation to analyze problem behaviors, develop behavior interventions, and teach parenting skills

Who can benefit from ABA therapy?

  • Young children who have received a diagnosis of autism
  • Children who have received a diagnosis of another disability
  • A child who is struggling with potty training
  • Children who need 1:1 support with learning new skills
  • A child struggling in school or with homework
  • An older child who has difficulty with friends
  • Teens who are defiant
  • Parents who want more skills or feel out of control
  • Families in crisis

Utah Behavior Services has been providing full-service, in-home ABA treatment programs longer than anyone else in Utah, so our team is ready to start your child’s program right away.