Bridgeway integrated services

As a complete mental health care clinic, we can manage both your physical and your mental health.  We offer primary care, psychiatry, psychological diagnostic testing and therapy.  We treat conditions appropriately with medication as well as nutrition and other integrative options.

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We commit to helping you do more than just survive–we want to see you thrive!


We can examine, diagnose and treat the mental and physical aspects of psychological conditions.


The use of assessments in order to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment.



A significant step in understanding and processing experiences which impede a healthy existence.


Treatment can include nutrition, supplements and ketamine.


Bridgeway Integrated Services was created with the vision of changing the way mental health care is delivered and perceived. After collectively spending many years as clinicians in a system that seems to have fostered dissonance between clients and their providers, our founders were adamant that they could provide something very different. They imagined a practice with a diverse team of professionals coming together with one universal goal: deliberate and ongoing collaboration between members of a treatment team in order to drive outcomes towards recovery.