About UTBS

We are Dedicated to Creating Successful Children and Developing Strong Families by providing High Quality, Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Care Services.

Established in 2008, Utah Behavior Services proudly serves individuals and Families with High Quality, Evidenced-Based Behavioral Health Care Services. The repeated success of our clients has granted us the opportunity to serve our community for more than 10+ years.

With over 500 employees, 8 locations, and services ranging from Autism, Mental Health and Primary Care, we are honored to be Utah’s only integrated, multidisciplinary team of professionals all under one roof,to create the ideal environment for families that are in need of integrated, inclusive, and cohesive services statewide.

How do we Strengthen Families? By using evidence-based methods that deliver reliable results that families can count on. By integrating services so that families have less to coordinate and achieve greater outcomes. And by tailoring services with each family to meet them where they are at, build on their strengths, and be realistic about what a family needs and what can be expected of them.

Our Executives

Natalie Whatcott

Co-Founder, President

Sarah E. Sanders

Co-Founder, Executive Vice-President

Rachal Green

Vice President of Clinical Services