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“Parker first came to group a little apprehensively, to say the least. You could find him under a table outside of the group room, hiding from peers and staff during group time. When one tried talking to him, Parker would not even look at the person, and generally ignored them. Using behavioral/exposure therapy techniques, staff challenged and assisted Parker in slowly and systematically moving closer in proximity to a seat in the group room amongst Parker’s peers. Over time, Parker went from hiding under a table outside of the group room to sitting alone in the corner of the group room, not being willing to talk or participate. Then he went from sitting alone in the corner to participating in highly preferred activities occasionally.

Now you can find Parker sitting with his peers in group, and even volunteering to role play during lesson time. His social skills have flourished tremendously over the course of group treatment with Utah Behavior Services, and he continues to progress with time. He is able to interact with peers and has developed many age appropriate social skills.

These skills are being generalized to his school environment as well. His school team has seen huge changes with Parker socially since he began attending the social skills group with UTBS. They report significant changes in his play at recess and his ability to make and develop friendships with peers. He is also more assertive in the classroom and willingly participates. Before the change, Parker struggled to interact with anyone at recess and would seldom speak to anyone, per school team. Now Parker is like a different kid.”

Utah Behavior Services Female Client Testimonial
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