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Easy To Love Parent Support Group

Easy to Love Parent Support Group

Easy to Love is a support for families raising these “easy to love, hard to raise” kids with invisible disabilities.

Easy to Love is not JUST a support group. We hold monthly support groups in Davis County, Weber County, Salt Lake City & Pheonix AZ, offer monthly free or low cost family events that are in an inclusive and understanding environment and fun for the entire family. We also put together several parent trainings/workshops a year. Easy to Love understands how quickly a family’s community can start to shrink, we are dedicated to creating a new one for our families to be a part of. We also work hard to create awareness, give hope and offer a safe place for families.

Where can I find a group?

Due to staffing we are currently only able to offer groups in Salt Lake & Davis Counties. If you are interested in volunteering your time 3-5 hours per month and would like to start one, please contact us! We would love to start expanding our group.

Can children attend?

To keep this an environment that parents feel comfortable sharing their struggles we do not allow children to attend. We do however offer child care at both support groups. Child care is $5/child and is with staff who regularly work with children who have special needs. You must reserve your child care spot in advance and can visit our easy 2 love website for all the guidelines.

Contact Information

Phone: 801.292.2037
Easy 2 Love website
Jennifer Levy – Executive Director
Lindsay Bartholomew – Program Director
Chrissy Young – Marketing Manager

How we started…

Easy to Love was started by two moms both raising children with special needs. Although their children’s diagnosis were different, their paths were very similar. As they talked they knew what they were looking for. A room full of parents, hope and understanding. A place you could find out who the great occupational therapist was, cry at how hard things can be and laugh at things parents of “typical” children would not understand. After months searching and finding nothing, they decided to start one.

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