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Autism Awareness Month in Washington County!


In Washington County, April is now officially Autism Awareness Month!

This was decided by unanimous vote at the County Commissioners meeting yesterday, following a presentation by Kim Deverall, mom of a child with Autism and the President of Big MAKS of Southern Utah, and Sarah Sanders, BCBA with Utah Behavior Services.

The Commissioners expressed a need for awareness and that while many of them know someone affected by Autism, they don’t know enough about what it is and what the treatment is. They asked if we have had any success with our treatment, to which Kim emphatically said, “Yes! My child is a product of ABA” and she described some of the gains her son has made.

We are so excited to continue the work of educating our communities and helping children to get diagnosed early.


Big MAKS & UTBS Staff and Children decorated the windows of the Washington County Commission offices.

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